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The Best Resources and Courses for Dental Admin Professionals

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The Best Resources and Courses for Dental Admin Professionals

Like all professionals, dental administrators and office managers want to stay up to date with the latest developments in their field. Depending on your goals and preferences, there are plenty of podcasts, blogs, online courses and other resources for news and advice in dental admin responsibilities. You can consider more formal opportunities like professional association memberships and certification courses, as well as more casual content to keep up with news and ideas day-to-day. Many dental organization sites contain a mix of business and healthcare-related content, so admins may need to sort through posts to pick out the most relevant information. Information geared toward dentists often includes business advice, so it may be helpful for admins as well.

American Association of Dental Office Management

As the national professional organization for dental admins, AADOM is an excellent resource for news and continuing education. The organization offers free online content as well as more in-depth courses and conferences for members. Joining AADOM is a good way to network with other dental admin professionals while accessing learning opportunities and information about the field’s latest best practices.

  · Media Hub

Through the Media Hub page, you can access all of AADOM’s free, regularly updated content, including:

  • The organization’s blog
  • YouTube and IGTV videos
  • The AADOM Podcast

These resources cover a range of dental practice-related topics, like how to use digital communication to create a better patient experience and where to spot revenue opportunities you might be overlooking.

 · Observer Magazine

If you enjoy reading a print magazine, The OBSERVER is published three times a year and covers topics like management strategies and advice for insurance billing. The magazine is available digitally for AADOM members and as a print subscription.

  · Local chapters

Joining one of the more than 70 local AADOM chapters can be a great networking strategy. These groups are an excellent way to meet and connect with other dental practice managers and admin professionals in your area. Local networking is a good way to share knowledge that’s specific to patient needs and preferences in your area.

  · Annual conference

AADOM runs a three-day, in-person annual conference for dental office managers. The conference is full of educational sessions and networking opportunities for dental admin professionals from around the country.

  · Members-only education

Becoming an AADOM member gives you access to both live educational webinars and an extensive library of courses. These include an Office Manager 101 course to help new managers get started, HIPAA training, a management series, and recordings of all past webinars.

ADA’s New Dentist Blog

The American Dental Association’s New Dentist blog contains information geared toward dentists who have graduated dental school within the past ten years. The New Dentist blog includes plenty of content focused on the business aspects of running a dental practice that will be helpful for admins to read. Sorting the posts by category can help you find the most relevant information for you. Dental admins will likely be interested in the Business Side of Dentistry and Dental Practice Success sections.

Apex EDI Insurance Billing Resources

Dealing with insurance claims is a complex but important aspect of dental administration. Apex EDI offers a selection of guides and eBooks about insurance billing. These include a guide for managing claims denials, a checklist for claims submissions, and an insurance billing guide. All of these are useful resources for managing your patients’ dental insurance. In addition, Apex EDI’s clearinghouse software can simplify the claims process from your end. For more claims advice and strategies, follow Apex EDI’s blog.

DALE Foundation Courses

The DALE Foundation is a nonprofit that offers a range of courses for dental professionals. The organization is primarily focused on dental assistants, but it recommends four of its certification courses for office managers. These are:

  • Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office
  • HR Fundamentals for the Dental Office
  • Financial Reporting for the Dental Office
  • Behavioral Guidance and Management for the Pediatric Dental Patient

These certifications allow you to work towards AADOM Fellowship, which is the first of the organization’s three levels of distinction for dental admin professionals.

Dental Economics

Dental Economics is a practice management journal that offers a number of resources for dentists and dental admins. The magazine is available in print and digital versions and discusses business advice and new products and technologies. The organization also offers in-person events and online articles.

  · Conference

Dental Economics runs an annual Principles of Practice Management Conference, which is a two-day event that offers continuing education credits and sessions on business best practices for dental offices. This is another solid networking opportunity with other dental admin professionals around the country.

  · Articles

Dental Economics, particularly the Practice section, also posts articles on business-related topics. These include modern digital marketing advice like how to connect with patients through Instagram and other social media platforms, dental practice finance tips, and hiring and management strategies.

AAE Business Resources

If your practice deals with endodontic services, the American Association of Endodontists offers some useful practice management resources. While these are limited to association members, they can be a good option for admins. Resources for members cover topics like insurance claims submission, marketing strategies for dental practices and market research statistics.

Dental Town

Dental Town publishes a magazine, but an especially helpful resource is its list of dental podcasts and blogs. Many of these are focused on the business aspect of running a dental practice. While some content is more specific to dentists who own their own practices, most include business and management details that will be relevant to dental admins as well. These include the Everyday Practices Dental Podcast, which relates to dental practice ownership and includes topics like practice leadership, productivity, and finance.


Dental admins and office managers can find many online resources for professional development, including both free content like podcasts and blog posts and more substantial investments like certification courses. For more information on resources and information to help your practice, make sure to check out Apex EDI’s blog. If you find yourself needing assistance with one of the most important aspects of practice management, claims processing, Apex EDI can help.

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