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Chiropractic Billing

Eight Chiropractic Billing Best Practices

Sometimes chiropractic billing does not happen smoothly – leading to rejections or unnecessarily long claim reimbursements. Fortunately, chiropractic practices can avoid these inconveniences by following the set chiropractic billing best practices.

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Real-time Eligibility

Understanding Real-Time Eligibility and Its Benefits as a Perfect Tool for Quick Verification

By using real-time eligibility, organizations have been able to decrease the collections lost from check-in mishaps, and increase the efficiency of the check-in process, improving the revenue cycle, patient experience, and employee satisfaction. Read on to discover more about real-time eligibility verification and its benefits in the management of a healthcare organization.

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Dental PMS

How to Integrate Dental Billing with Your Dental PMS

You have decided to integrate your dental billing into the dental practice management software (PMS), but what should you choose? There are multiple options, each with different characteristics, support levels, and functionalities. Read on to learn you can integrate your dental billing with dental practice management software.

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Why was my claim returned?

Why Was My Claim Returned?

The primary responsibility of a medical biller is to properly file claims to ensure that the medical provider is reimbursed for services rendered. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for billers to make human or electronic errors while entering claim data. As many as 80% of medical bills contain one or more errors that increase the risk of denied claims, and each denied claim means lost revenue. Billers have to deal with two essential elements of medical care – health and money. For this reason, they must check to ensure they make as few mistakes as possible while filing claims. However,

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