Secondary Claims Processing at Your Fingertips

Secondary billing is exactly as the name suggests, the process of billing a second policy or payer once the primary claim has been processed and the reimbursement posted. Learn how to simplify the process with software like Apex EDI.

How to Prepare Your Practice for Medical Billing During a Disaster

Natural disasters can cause serious problems for medical facilities. When medical providers are inundated with victims or face other outages that impede proper functioning, medical claims are the last things on the mind. Unfortunately, this can cause major disruptions to patient care and revenue streams down the line. However, natural disasters are a part of our world, so it’s wise to have a […]

Why You Need a Medical Billing Clearinghouse for Your Practice

It’s no secret that documents now exist in electronic forms more than paper formats. If you run a medical practice, you undoubtedly have experience with processing medical claims for patients’ medical bills. Filing electronic paperwork reduces the time and effort required to correct and send the claims. With the right medical claims software, you can […]

What is a Medical Billing Clearinghouse, and Why Should You Use One?

Many practices use a medical billing clearinghouse to process their claims to insurance companies. What is a medical billing clearinghouse, and why do so many healthcare providers invest in this option? The following guide will provide detailed answers to these and other questions. What is a Medical Billing Clearinghouse? Medical billing is often a complicated […]

How to Prevent Medical Billing Issues with Self-Auditing

Medical billing is a complex task where many things can go wrong. It takes a seamless, highly efficient system to conduct medical claims processing without critical errors. Even minor mistakes can spell trouble for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients. One of the best ways to prevent billing mistakes and payer audits is with regular […]

How to Prepare Your Practice for Medical Billing During a Disaster

The U.S. recently faced back-to- back major hurricanes. Texas and Florida had regions that wereunderwater for days. Several other natural disasters caused serious problems for medicalfacilities. When medical providers are inundated by natural disaster victims, medical claimsprocessing is the last thing on their minds. There are steps health-care facilities can take ahead oftime so they […]

Medical Billing Clearinghouse: What You Should Know Before Challenging a Medical Bill

Many patients have higher deductibles with their medical plans today than they did in the past.  This means they have an interest in paying closer attention to the medical claims they receive.  While many healthcare providers provide payment options intended to help the patient, before challenging a medical bill there are some key issues to […]

Medical Billing Clearinghouse: What Is a Clearinghouse Service?

can become increasingly complicated as a healthcare practice grows. A clearinghouse service, like Apex EDI, helps eliminate billing errors and ensure claims are paid on time by working as an intermediary between the provider and insurance company. We check to make sure no errors are made before submitting claims for payment. All procedural and diagnosis […]