What You Need to Know About Claims Scrubbing

The speed at which medical claims are processed is a vital part of the medical billing process in the United States. If the claim goes through quickly, it can save the patient, provider, and insurer time, money, and frustration. This is where we enter claims scrubbing into the equation. Thorough claims scrubbing is a significant […]

Marijuana Medical Claims Processing and the FDA

What the FDA Says About Marijuana Claims   When California becomes the eighth state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018, the pressure will be high for the Food and Drug Administration to start enforcing some regulatory practices – despite its use being a federal crime. More states around the nation are expected to approve cannabis […]

How Medical Claims Processing Software Lowers Costs

Medical claims processing can be a costly and time-consuming chore for today’s health-care and medical professionals. It’s a daunting task, but it must be done accurately and efficiently. Here’s the good news — today’s medical claims processing software is easier to use and more effective than it ever has been. The added bonus? It actually […]

Medical Claims Processing: How to Pick the Best Medical Claims Processing Software

By the year 2024, nearly $1 out of every $5 will be spent on healthcare in the United States. If you’re a healthcare professional or part of a medical association, you’ve likely struggled with the most effective way to handle your billing. You’ve also wondered how to grow your business.  The right medical claims processing […]

Medical Claims Processing: 5 Tricks to Easily Streamline Medical Claims Billing

Is the medical claims billing process a painful one for your practice? It doesn’t have to be. Taking a few simple steps to simplify medical claims billing can drastically improve your collections and even increase your practice revenue. If you’re ready to make this process easier, check out the following 5 tricks below! 5 Tips […]

Medical Claims Processing: Tips for Appealing a Denied Medical Claim

Medical claims may be denied for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are some ways for patients to appeal a denied claim within six months of the healthcare service. Follow these tips and you will have better success recovering denied benefits from your insurance company.   First, it’s important to understand exactly why the claim […]

Medical Claims Processing: What Does a Medical Claims Processor Do?

Caring for the health of your patients is the most important part of your business. That is why millions in the healthcare industry rely on specialized professionals, like Apex EDI, to manage the complex interactions between healthcare providers and medical insurance companies. Allowing others to handle this responsibility for you lets you focus your attention […]

Medical Claims Processing: Medical Claims Processing Laws

Between dealing with physician, patient, and insurance data, staff in your billing department will be handling a lot of sensitive information. This is why it’s important for everyone in your billing department to understand the laws protecting that information and what they and the practice are responsible for, when it comes to the laws surrounding […]

Medical Claims Processing: How Are Medical Claims Processed?

Once medical services have been administered to a patient, payment needs to be requested from insurance through appropriate channels. These requests for payment are known as medical claims, and to the lay person, filing them may seem rather complicated. We’re hoping to demystify this process by breaking down the way medical claims are filed and […]