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Medical Billing Software: How Do I Spot Medical Billing Errors?

Medical claims can be difficult to understand. When a patient has a serious health condition, there may be several provider, specialists, and medical facilities involved in their care. Bills can be loaded with abbreviations and medical terms that the average patient may not be familiar with. It’s important to arm yourself with the confidence to question a potential billing error.  

Medical bill from the hospital, concept of rising medical cost, selective focus.  All data on the bill and form design are fictional, created specially for this concept.

The first step in questioning a medical claim received for services is to make sure you review each detailed charge. If you receive a summarized statement, you may need to request an itemized bill. Read through the dates of service, provider, and insurance information to confirm its accuracy.


Check for obvious duplications. If a service is charged multiple time, it is most likely a mistake. Also check for omitted or missing information. For example, you may receive a statement summary that does not indicate past payments made. It will not hurt to be certain all previous payments are accounted for before submitting your final payment.

Errors in coding services received in the bill can be more difficult to spot. If your bill contains any charges that seem suspicious, mark them so you can ask your provider about them later. It’s not uncommon for billing specialists to miscode a charge.  

Take your time with the call the provider and ask any questions you have about the statement. Your healthcare provider wants to work with you to make sure you are happy with the overall care you receive. Apex EDI helps doctors focus on healing by supporting them with the best technology for medical claims.

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