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How to Maximize Telemedicine Billing

Telemedicine is no longer just the future of healthcare. In today’s healthcare climate, it is an absolute necessity. As telemedicine, or telehealth, becomes the norm for healthcare providers, those providers as well as insurance companies will need claim processing software that best optimizes their telehealth billing 

Telemedicine’s Growth 

Telemedicine, or telehealth, has come into its own in the last several years. Patients are more connected than ever before. They value online reviews, prefer to make appointments and pay bills online, and want alerts to help them manage their busy lives. With this and recent technological developments, telehealth and mobile functionality are becoming the increasingly dominant choice for healthcare.   

Furthermore, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for telehealth services and coverage has never been higher. Even after the heightened precautions of the pandemic drift back toward normal, telehealth will be here to stay. 

To keep up with the demand for this new kind of care, coverage has expanded to include everything from office appointments, emergency visits, psychotherapy and more. Telemedicine’s growth has made significant changes to the way providers handle medical bill processing.  

In today’s world, medical billers must understand Medicare’s telehealth regulations, determine the type of telehealth service the patient needs, learn the laws in the state, and know how to accurately bill patients. The process can be tricky and complex. Guidelines for billing are still in development as new telehealth methods continue to emerge. Furthermore, the rules can vary from payer to payer. Until clear guidelines exist across all payers, billing providers must obey a few best practices for successful services. 

A woman having a telehealth session with her doctor on a laptop. 
A claims clearinghouse handles the complexities of telehealth billing, so doctors can focus on patient care.


Benefits of Software for Telemedicine Billing 

Streamline your telehealth claims processing by investing in the right medical billing software. As the telemedicine industry continues to flourish and evolve, make sure you have the right tools to stay on top of 
rends and manage thcomplicateprocesses
. A medicabilling clearinghouse can ensure efficient, ethical, anaccurate 
claim processing. Here arsome ways to make the most of your telemedicine billing software.  

1. Stay Ahead of the Curve 

Modernized medical establishments need the latest software and technology to stay ahead of trends. Falling behind on the curve can be devastating to the company and negatively impact the quality of patient care. It can also reduce productivity, increase costs, and lead to detrimental billing errors. An investment in a software that is current and constantly adapting, is an investment in your future. 

 2. Utilize Revenue Cycle Management 

Billing and collections revolve around the management of a provider’s revenue cycle. In the medical industry, there are often long gaps between billing the payer and the receipt of payment. Efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) can reduce gaps in the payment cycle, and keep a providers practice on their feet.  

3. Use Direct Processing & Status Reporting

The right billing software can send telemedicine service claims directly from your software to the payer, cutting out the in-between steps traditionally required. An updated system is easier to operate and saves time. For example, with Apex EDI, you’ll see your real-time claim status and have the power to manage your web-based claims from your software.  


4. Prevent Denials Before They Occur 

The worst part of claim processing is definitely denials. Invest in a claims clearinghouse which scrubs your claims and alerts you of errors before submitting the insurance company. Catching errors with tools like Apex EDI’s custom OneTouch, can save you time, money, and energy.  


5. Rely on Real-Time Support 

Telehealth claims can be particularly confusing and require the verification of patient eligibility. They can also have strict rules and guidelines for payers. A software system can take the headache out of these communications by offering unlimited technical support and customer serviceWith APEX EDI, you’ll have a dedicated account manager and an accessible support staff to help you through any hardships you may encounter.  

6. Complete Your Toolbelt 

The software you chose to simplify your telemedicine billing should seamlessly connect to your other practice management tools.  You should be able to access benefits information, patient records, and session notes securely online. Enlist a tool like Apex EDI which works with virtually any practice management software.  

 A professional woman working on a desktop wearing a headset while providing telehealth services and maximizing her telemedicine billing.
Enlist a billing tool that works seamlessly with your other telehealth technologies.


The power to create and manage email lists, create health apps, offer virtual physician visits, become mobile-compatible, and efficiently bill for telemedicine services is at your fingertips. Apex EDI medical claims processing software is a simple yet powerful way to manage telehealth billing in the modern medical industry. It uses state-of- the-art software, yet integrates seamlessly with existing processing systems for easy adoption. It is a software system that can help you master telemedicine billing without any missteps. Contact us for more information about how claims software can help your establishment. 

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