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Simplified Claims Processing

Apex EDI has been processing insurance claims for medical, dental, optometry, chiropractic, and many speciality practices since 1995. We Help Doctors Focus On Healing their patients.

Apex EDI OneTouch® software works flawlessly with virtually any practice management software. We support and interact with more healthcare payer organizations than any other EDI solution.

The Best Optometry Claims Software To Process Your Claims Electronically

Apex EDI is ready to save your optometry practice time and money-no matter what optometry claims software or electronic claims processing you may currently use. By integrating with your existing optometry practice software, Apex EDI allows for faster claims processing; allowing you to maintain a profitable business while providing exceptional patient care.

As a nationally recognized clearinghouse, Apex EDI is focused on your local optometry practice! Our claim service is leading technology efforts in thousands of optometry practices around the country. Optometry practitioners and office managers view Apex as the number one resource for revenue management. Our clearinghouse services allow you to send your optometry claims from your software directly to payers. Additionally we provide you with reporting and web based claims management functions to streamline your billing process and to get you paid!

Claims Processing

We have a proprietary process of focusing on what matters most — “Getting you Paid!” We offer three distinct ways to improve insurance!

  1. Connect to your optometry office software with our simple desktop app — Apex OneTouch. This allows us to capture the claim file from most software allowing you to complete your optometry claims processing in less than two minutes.
  2. Apex API — complete integration. This product allows integration with your software to “plug and Play” your claims/statements/patient eligibility information to the patient ledger and billing sections of your software. This allows you to manage optometry claim reimbursement from within your software. (Ask us for details)
  3. Practice Accelerator — Apex EDI offers a new experience when organizing your accounts receivable. As a new Apex EDI client you will begin with our New Client team, who focuses on your quick implementation, efficient enrollment, and simple transition.

We are a proud partner of numerous optometry clinics to provide the following:

  • Send Insurance claims electronically with Apex OneTouch services
    • Available with any software print file
  • Verify patient eligibility benefits in real-time (270/271)
  • Online Claim History — with Apex EDI Real Time scrubbing
  • Claim Status advanced search and reporting
  • Send and organize patient statements – with real time processing
  • Unlimited Apex EDI customer service and claims support
  • ERA 835 Transactions (EOB)
  • Custom summary reports
  • Low monthly fee for electronic claims processing

Additional Transactions Include:

  • API software integration with your practice management software – New Technology!
    • Ask your software to incorporate Apex EDI integrated claims
  • Claim Attachments NEA/MEA
  • Processing of multiple claim formats
    • Print Image & 5010
    • 835 ANSI Professional/Dental Claims
    • 835 ERA Remittance Advise
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