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User Guide

Apex EDI OneTouch® User Guide

You can read a complete user guide for Apex EDI’s services at our Help Center here.

OneTouch® is a tool that allows a user to conveniently transmit claims or statements to Apex, login to the Apex website, or search for claims that have been sent in the past all from of your computer desktop. In order for OneTouch® to work, the user must be a registered client with Apex EDI and have a username and password setup. Once a user has a username and password OneTouch® can be configured so the user can utilize the tools described.
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With OneTouch Search you can search your claim and statement files that have been sent to Apex from the convenience of your desktop. The OneTouch search feature allows you to search your statement and claim files for patient names, subscriber IDs, or several other options. After you click the search button you will be logged into your Apex webpage and shown the results of your search.

To perform a search first choose what you want to search for by clicking on the magnifying glass dropdown menu:
medical billing user guide

Type your search words and click on the search button:
apex edi user guide

Once OneTouch is configured with a valid username and password, the “Login Only” button will give you access to your Apex Dashboard without having to send claims. Simply click on the button to gain access.

After you have created a claim or statement file using your practice management software you can send the file to Apex by clicking on the “Send eClaims” or “Send eStatements” button.

If you have more than one client ID with Apex, you can utilize any of the OneTouch tools for any of your client IDs. Simply click the drop down menu at the top of OneTouch
and choose the client ID that you want to use for sending claims or statements, searching, or accessing your Apex Dashboard.

Claims file configuration tab (Claims Settings, the Statements Settings tab is very similar and should be configured similar to the claims).

The accounts tab is where you can setup your client ID information with username and password for logging into the OneTouch Dashboard.

The security tab allows you to choose whether to password protect the use of OneTouch. Because the “Login Only” button provides access to your claims information, this is a feature many doctors are interested in.

The advanced tab allows you to choose the web browser that you want to use for sending files to Apex.

If this is your first time installing OneTouch, please read the OneTouch® Introduction. Scroll down the page a bit and you will see a button for installing the program and a button to view and print the installation instructions.

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