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Medical Billing Clearinghouse: What Is a Clearinghouse Service?

Medical Billing Process

can become increasingly complicated as a healthcare practice grows. A clearinghouse service, like Apex EDI, helps eliminate billing errors and ensure claims are paid on time by working as an intermediary between the provider and insurance company.

We check to make sure no errors are made before submitting claims for payment. All procedural and diagnosis codes are checked for validity before being submitted to the insurance company. We also ensure that each procedure code is appropriate for the diagnosis code that accompanies it.  

Another benefit of working with a clearinghouse is that you don’t have to worry about technical compatibility. There are many different billing software systems and the insurance company’s payments systems are not always compatible with them. When needed, Apex EDI can even partner with a number of other clearinghouses to ensure that all claims are processed on a timely basis. This means you receive payment without the worry.  

A clearinghouse takes away the stress of managing the interconnection between software systems, formatting issues, and the ongoing hassle of managing technology issues for you. Every time a medical claim is transferred, there are chances of it being lost, stalled, or denied. We want to minimize those chances for you.  

Apex EDI works with providers and insurance companies to help you avoid the billing headache, eliminate errors, process claims, and receive payment on time. If we can help you get paid sooner without the hassle, it will be well worth the investment. We know we can make a positive impact on your healthcare business. Contact Apex EDI today for a free demonstration of our software.

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