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Why Electronic Claim Submission is Worth Switching For

So, you have a clearinghouse partner. Great. But what if they only offer paper claims for certain payers? Not so great. The ability to submit claims electronically is key to maximizing your revenue stream. If your clearinghouse provider no longer offers electronic claims submission, you might want to consider a change. And don’t worry. It’s easy. 

Health insurance claims piling up that need to be submitted electronically by a clearinghouse. 
Don’t let a fear of change prevent you from getting more out of your clearinghouse partner.

The Benefits of Electronic Claim Submission 

When you submit paper claims, a lot can go wrong along the way. Your claims and your organization’s cashflow are at the mercy of postage. And not to mention, the entire claims management process is slowed to a crawl. With an electronic clearinghouse partner, you’re able to submit your claims instantly and track their status. By cutting out the time it takes for a paper claim to travel from provider to payer, electronic claims can shorten the time it takes to get paid. Electronic claims also eliminate clutter caused by paperwork and can reduce overhead costs.  

Switching is Simple 

If your current clearinghouse can’t provide you with all the services you need to run your business efficiently and effectively, it’s time to consider switching. Consider alternative partners who can provide electronic claim submission for all your insurance payers, never settle for only some. 

But switching clearinghouse provider, can be nerve-wracking. Change in any organization comes with a certain level of upset. But, if greener pastures await, the effort may be worth it. If you are considering switching, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what the migration process looks like with Apex EDI. With this, you’ll see exactly what the migration from one clearinghouse to another looks like.  

Step 1: Contact the sales team – Once you’re in touch with the sales department of your new clearinghouse partner and have established a deal, you will have a guiding hand helping you navigate this process.  

Step 2: An ID is created for you – When you’re ready to move forward, a customer implementation agent will verify all of your information. The agent will also go through a list of commonly requested payers for your state that require EDI enrollment.  

Step 3: Enrollment requests are sent – Then our team will generate requests for your requested payers. Not to worry, we will continue to check on EDI enrollments until they are approved. If a request is rejected, we will let you know and help get you back on track. 

Step 4: Our enrollment team will set up your enrollment portal account – Inside this portal, you will be able to manage your que of enrollment requests requiring your action. Our enrollment team will also give you instructions on how to use the portal to manage ERA enrollments. Luckily, it’s the same portal used for EDI.  

Apex EDI is Here to Help 

At Apex EDI, all of our claims are submitted electronically, so you don’t have to worry about the complications that come with submitting paper claims. Plus, migrating to our EDI claim management tool is easy because our system integrates with virtually any practice management software. Schedule a demo today to see how Apex EDI can improve your claims management.  

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