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Medical Billing Clearinghouse: Avoid Medical Claims Billing Problems

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All providers want to be reimbursed promptly and accurately for their services. Unfortunately, human and electronic errors are unavoidable and can slow down medical claims processing. Our goal at APEX EDI is to reduce as many of these delays as possible and accurate reimbursement.

There are some very basic information errors that can be quickly eliminated by using a medical claims software. Inaccurate patient information such as a misspelled name, date of birth, address, or insurance ID number can lead to a rejected claim.

Mismatching medical codes or confusing ICD, CPT or HPCS codes can result in too many or too few digits for a claim to be processed. Insurance policy numbers, addresses, and contact information can also be difficult to enter correctly when required numerous times during service. If you can reduce the number of these simple errors in your medical billing, you’ll have a much higher percentage of claims that pay you for service quickly.

Poor documentation and misinformation such as coding for a less serious or extensive procedure than the patient received can also cause serious problems. Intentionally misrepresenting the work performed on a patient is considered fraud and illegal, even when the intent is to help the patient save money.

It’s important to stay current on medical billing regulations and be proactive by preventing problems before they occur. Always have clinic staff double check for errors and communicate quickly about any billing questions. At Apex EDI, we have a highly trained team of experts ready to answer questions about billing regulations.

Our software can also help eliminate many simple billing errors. The investment in a few preventative actions and tools will pay off greatly. You will have the peace of mind knowing your medical claims are being handled with speed and excellence.

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