Complexities of Dental Billing

Dental Billing

There are multiple complexities involved in dental billing, this article outlines major complexities in dental billing and how to overcome them.

7 Must-Have Billing Tools for Your EHR

Partnering with Clearinghouse

A good EHR with the right billing tools can significantly aid in the management, consistent cash flow, and growth of your medical practice. Here are 7 billing tools your EHR should have.

Dental Claims Processing Best Practices

Dental Claims Management with Apex EDI

Inefficiencies in the submission of insurance claims cost many dental practices money. This article highlights the dental insurance claim process and best practices for dental professionals.

Top 5 Dental Claims Mistakes

Submitting accurate dental claims is crucial to improving collection rates and boosting cash flow. The key to preventing claim denials is to understand their causes.

How to Audit Medical Claims

Dental Billing

A medical claims audit can prove to be the most valuable tool in your clinic’s compliance arsenal. When properly conducted, an audit can boost your claims accuracy and help your medical billing unfold more efficiently. Whether you choose to conduct your review internally or hire an external auditor, it’s important to understand how to audit […]

Medical Claims Clearinghouses: A Guide

There are several important things to consider concerning using a claims clearinghouse for your practice. Here are some examples of what you need to know to make sure that you are armed with the right data to make good decisions. The Importance of Having the Right Medical Claims Clearinghouse Your office can benefit significantly from […]

Medical Bills: The Leading Cause of Bankruptcy in the United States

Debt is a huge problem in the United States. Whether it is from paying for school or buying a home, a large portion of American citizens owe some amount of money. Unfortunately, medical expenses are one of the reasons some people fall into debt. In 2017, and in many previous years, medical bills were the […]

Zika Virus and Medical Billing

Zika virus is spread by infected mosquitoes, and a vaccine has not yet been developed to treat it completely. Symptoms often mimic those of other ailments and diseases, so it can be difficult formedical professionals to diagnose. The virus is especially dangerous when infected insects sting pregnant women and mothers pass the virus on to […]